LocaHot In Denver

Sometimes you experience a food or beverage item that deserves attention. Well we just discovered one such item during a trip to Denver.

While attending a trade show, some colleagues and I decided to have dinner at Rioja, one of Denver's finest. With reservations at 7:30pm, we arrived early and negotiated ourselves to the bar though the typically packed house at Rioja. One of the ladies in our group struck up a conversation with a gentleman sitting at the bar from San Francisco.  He was a salesman on his weekly regional tour of Denver. You could tell he was a regular and an enthusiastic regular at that. All the while, our colleague was marveling over his drink. He had what looked like some kind of margarita in a martini glass, however, instead of olives, one to two slices of jalapeño peppers floated on top. It looked like this...

LocaHot MargaritaBesides the visual appeal, our new bar buddy was raving about the taste. Soon, our entire entourage was tasting his LocaHot Margarita. As a margarita connoisseur, I can attest to the high quality Rioja's very cool (but hot) drink.  This classically refreshing "fresh lime-based" margarita wants to cool you down, but provides a serious kick to confuse the senses.

This drink had such a profound impact on the group, several of us returned for more the next evening. I just verified that the LocaHot Margarita is not on the Rioja specialties drink menu so you will have to ask for it by name. This off-the-menu option is sure to please, if not raise the temperature a notch.